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PHBB's Local Projects began with the first established student chapter in 2014. Since then we have led workshops for children and partnered with local organizations to complete service projects and support community members.


Healthy relationships and communication, body image, ovarian cancer, pap smears

PHBB's Local Projects began in 2014 with the start of a student chapter of Public Health Without Borders. Students worked with the Madieu Williams Foundation’s “Dieu’s Crew” at Hyattsville Elementary School providing workshops and tutoring with children who were enrolled in the after school program.

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In 2016, efforts were made to partner with campus organizations to help with charity runs, Supporting Hospitals Abroad with Resources and Equipment (SHARE)’s medicine audits, film screenings, and other events. This team's goal is to address health disparities within our university's community by completing service projects and implementing public health workshops.

As of 2018, the Local  Team is partnered with the International High School at Langley Park, specifically with Soccer Without Borders and the Women's Empowerment Club. The team develops public health workshops which have included topics on healthy relationships and communication, body image, and ovarian cancer and pap smears. These workshops are tailored to be bilingual in order to best communicate at International High School, which has an 86 percent Latin American/Hispanic student base. Future workshops will cover other pertinent health issues among high school students. Additionally, the team will continue to support local non-profits and community members through community service.


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Varanasi, India

PHBB's fourth international team traveled for the first time in July 2016 to Lucknow, India. The trip served as a way to form partnerships with contacts in India. While there, the team provided health education in local schools via the Sesame Street campaign. They conducted 30-minute interactive lessons related to sanitation and hygiene in 17 different schools.

Compone, Peru

The first PHBB international trip began as a collaboration between a few public health students and the UMD chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) on a project centered around the installation of a water chlorination system. Public Health members went around and did qualitative interviews about health challenges, needs in the community, and water.

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