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Mission and Values

Public Health Beyond Borders aims to empower families and communities, both locally and globally, to achieve their best health through health education workshops and advocacy. We envision a world where the next generation of global health professionals works collaboratively with communities to identify, combat, and reduce health disparities.

Our Values

Cultural Sensitivity

Cross-Cultural Learning



Community Focus

PHBB conducts workshops using the train-the-trainer model. This ensures that knowledge, ideas, and experiences are passed along as we grow. Each project leader receives training on cultural competency, ethics, and sustainability prior to starting their executive board position. In turn, project leaders are able to teach each member of their team about the community in which they are working. By learning about and learning from members of the community, our interventions are able to be adapted to the needs of the community.


Our Approach

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Partner Identification

Through our global network, we identify communities amenable to long-lasting partnerships with PHBB and our student chapters. Our primary focus is identifying communities that we can work with year-round and that have local organizations we can further partner with.

Needs Assessment Trip

Each time a PHBB chapter travels to a partner community, we conduct a needs assessment to identify current health disparities. For us, this is an opportunity to listen to the community and understand how we can best improve health.

Workshop Development

From the results of our needs assessments, our student teams identify 2 - 3 health disparities to development educational workshops on. We work with experts in the field as well as individuals in the country to build our workshops. Professors also share input for workshop development. Our workshops are centered on the train-the-trainer model, so that our message can be spread among the community. 

Workshop Trip

After months of development, our student teams travel to our partner communities to deliver their interventions. This is where we can see the impact of PHBB's work firsthand!

Evaluation and Revision

While in our partner communities, we use both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the efficacy of our interventions. This helps us continually understand how to better what we do.

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