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Debre Berhan,



As PHBB's third international project, we conducted nutritional and health needs assessments, held nutrition workshops, and collaborated with Debre Berhan University on a community-based health project.


Nutrition, food safety

PHBB's third international and first solo project began in January 2015 in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia. Building off of existing relationships from the UMD Extension Program Women in Agriculture, the project has had three trips, the goals of which included establishing relationships with faculty and staff at Debre Berhan University and conducting nutritional and health needs assessments in the area.


In addition, during the June 2015 trip, the team held two nutrition education workshops at Biruh Tesfa Primary School and collaborated on a community-based health project with second-year public health students at Debre Berhan University. In January 2016, the team returned to Debre Berhan to pilot test an educational workshop in elementary schools and conduct a survey on food safety and nutrition.

Members of the team continue to collaborate with faculty at Debre Berhan University and with Good To Grow, a nonprofit organization aiming to increase access to nutritious and safe foods in Ethiopia through sustainable agricultural methods. There is no planned travel at this time.


Photos From Ethiopia

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Prince George's County, Maryland

PHBB's Local Projects began in 2014 with the start of a student chapter of Public health Without Borders. Students worked with the Madieu Williams Foundation’s “Dieu’s Crew” at Hyattsville Elementary School providing workshops and tutoring with children who were enrolled in the afterschool program. 

Compone, Peru

The first PHBB international trip began as a collaboration between a few public health students and the UMD chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) on a project centered around the installation of a water chlorination system. Public Health members went around and did qualitative interviews about health challenges, needs in the community, and water.

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